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We Are Closed


Introduction I process prescriptions and deal with weekly boxes. I worked in the post office for 10 years and then another surgery before coming to Crowhall.


Introduction I would describe my role to be as helpful and respectful to all patients also confidential at all times and treat them the way I would be expected. I was previously a Care Worker and Dental Nurse, and I’ve been at Crowhall since 2018. I work part-time.


Introduction I am responsible for essential tasks like sending referrals and clinical letters, updating medical records, sending appointment reminders and other patient communications. I joined Crowhall in 2021 and work full-time.


Introduction I update patient records, and send various communications to such as referrals to patients, hospitals and others services provided within the NHS and outside. I’ve been at Crowhall since 2015 and work part-time.


Introduction I provide administrative support to medical staff, audio dictating and creating/managing GP referrals, Maintaining medical and insurance reports, booking appointments, answering telephone calls and liaising with other medical departments. I started here in 2018 and work part-time.


Introduction Usually, I’ll be one of the first people you speak to when you call or visit the practice to book an appointment. As reception team members, we work to get patients the help they need as quickly as possible. We might ask about your issue so they can get you to the best person. … Continued